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This destination marketing organisation was set up by the Directors of Honeypot Destination Marketing in 2011 in response to an identified gap in the market for affordable, innovative marketing to support tourism businesses and the visitor market in west and mid Kent and the borders with East Sussex. Discover was run alongside Honeypot’s main consultancy business, and served as a showcase of our skills and expertise in this area of marketing.


Discover was set up as a commercial enterprise to provide innovative marketing opportunities within the reach of even the smallest business, utilising all new and relevant marketing techniques – online and offline - and without the political and budget restrictions of other public sector operated destination marketing organisations.


Local businesses told us that there needed to be a comprehensive holiday guide for the wider area focussed specifically on the strong characteristics of west Kent and East Sussex rather than the county-wide or borough wide solutions offered; as well as a really good, inspiring website for the area which would give businesses greater flexibility and wider exposure and access to new technology and amrketing techniques such as mobile technology, social media not currently within their reach.


Ours aims were:


  • to present the area as a comprehensive destination with a clear marketing message and identity based on marketing principles and visitor needs, and not on political borough or county boundaries;


  • to build the profile of the area as visitor destination and ultimately the success of the businesses we support;


  • to provide affordable and innovative marketing opportunities for businesses which not only make marketing sense, but which work and can be proven to work;


  • to work with businesses to continue to develop our marketing offer based on visitor needs and to build the reputation and recognition of the Discover name and the area it represents.


We recognise that it is of utmost importance that businesses can see real results for their marketing investment, so we prided ourselves on being able to provide feedback to businesses on how our online activities performed for each business - something which we believe set us apart from any competitors. In order to do this, we invested heavily in a digital Destination Management System (DMS) and CRM system, which were linked to all our online marketing activity and which enabled us to report regularly to businesses on our performance. We also held regular networking meetings for tourism businesses in the area, as well as one-to-one meetings with businesses throughout the year to ensure our marketing remained relevant and effective.


As part of our marketing strategy, we developed a number of marketing channels to market the area and which were offered to local businesses to participate in, including an innovative, inter-active website -  DiscovertheGardenofEngland.com - two mobile apps, a high quality, annual printed holiday guide and social media activity.


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