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Innovative destination marketing

Discover the Garden of England operated from 2011 to 2015 and was a marketing initiative wholly owned and operated by Honeypot. It focused on promoting the best west and mid Kent and its borders with East Sussex have to offer as a visitor destination. Set up to fill a widening gap in the market, Discover combined new and more traditional marketing methods, and rapidly attracted the interest of businesses and visitors alike.


Discover worked with high quality and unusual accommodation providers, visitor attractions and activity providers of all shapes, sizes and types, event organisers and hospitality businesses. Its aim was to provide relevant, comprehensive and accurate visitor information in an inspiring and easy to use format.


The innovative website was launched in October 2011. The site was driven by a DMS (destination management system) ensuring that the information was always up to date and timely, and featured some of the latest destination website technology available.  


Visitor numbers increased dramitically and steadily and the site rapidly built a name for itself. In April 2012, it was nominated as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Websites in Sussex by the Leaderboard Group. The site was supported by an ongoing programme of SEO and SEM to ensure its continued growth.


The Discover iPhone App was launched in May 2012 followed by an Android version in November 2012. Both free to download, the Apps provided a mini, 'on the road' version of our website - the first on the market to cover both areas of Kent and Sussex as a visitor destination.


Discover was an avid user of social media in its marketing. It also became the home of the Discover Finger Tourist - a novel campaign to promote businesses across Kent and Sussex.


In March 2012, Honeypot was successful in securing DEFRA funding, as part of the West Kent Leader fund for rural tourism for the development the Discover iPhone App and its SEO programme to support the website. In September 2012, Discover was shortlisted in the Marketing Excellence category of the prestigious Kent & Sussex Business Awards.


Although Discover became highly popular with tourism businesses and visitors alike, we decided that what we really wanted to do was to help other destinations achieve what Discover has already achieved. We therefore closed Discover at the end of 2015, giving us the time and freedom to focus on delivering similar, quality solutions like Discover for other destinations.


Honeypot Destination Marketing offers advice and support for destinations and tourism businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you'd like us to give your destination the Discover treatment, please Contact Us.  

Mobile apps

Free to download, easy to use, 'on-the-road' versions of our website featurede essential information, such as places to visit and stay, an events calendar, interactive location maps and directions and an itinerary builder. Available for iPhone and Android.

Social media marketing

Social media was a key part of driving traffic to the Discover website. Visitors could follow us on Twitter (@Discover_Garden) and on Facebook, as we tweeted, re-tweeted and wrote about some of the best things going on at tourism and hospitality businesses in Kent and Sussex to the big, wide world.

Interactive destination website

www.discoverthegardenofengland.com The Discover website - DiscovertheGardenofEngland.com -featured details of places to stay, visit, eat, shop and a variety of activities, a full calendar of events, as well as themed itineraries, online accommodation booking, interactive mapping - and the ever popular 'What's Nearby' function!

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The Finger Tourist was Discover's unique social media campaign which attracted the interest of thousands of followers. Visitors could follow his travels on Twitter (@Discover_Garden) and on Facebook, as he gave his personal insider tips for what was new and exciting in Kent and Sussex.

The Discover Finger Tourist

Discover attended a range of travel and leisure exhibitions throughout the year to support its digital marketing activities, representing tourism and hospitality businesses from across Kent and Sussex.

Exhibitions & Events

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